In Pastor Ken’s sermon yesterday, he talked about Mary and her response to the news that she was to be mother of the Messiah. He remarked that her initial reactions were submission and obedience. Ken went on to point out that 33 years later as Jesus struggled in the garden, he submitted and obeyed, in part, because he’d learned it, humanly, from his mom. Her trusting, submissive heart became one of her legacies.

This past summer, we celebrated my parents 50th anniversary. The church looked beautiful, the food tasted delicious and the fellowship was sweet. As part of the program, my nephew shared Grandma & Grandpa’s legacy: unconditional love, truth (authenticty), and faith. He expounded on each point; noting specifics and exceptions and making us laugh and cry at regular intervals. The living legacy my parents have is rich and deep and appreciated by each of their children and 13 grandchildren.

As my own kids grow, change, and become more and more independant, I’ve wondered at my own legacy. Will it point them to the Father or cause them to question? Will it be percieved as a legacy of love, authenticity and faith, like my parents? Submission and obedience like Mary? Peace & grace like my friends, Nate & Cath? Will the legacy Brad & I leave prepare our kids and grandkids so that when their faith is tested “they’ll come forth as gold”?

I want to be like Mary and my parents and the countless saints who’ve gone before leaving a legacy of faith in The One True God. I want to be faithful, but I realize that it takes more than a wish to leave the legacy you desire…it takes practicing all those things you want to leave, it takes faith, it takes intentionality 🙂

What about you? What legacy do you want to you leave?


4 Replies to “Legacy”

  1. I have thought about this before too; Clint and I have been “intentional” about making Jesus a talked about part of the day with our children; my prayer is that my legacy makes people look to Jesus. Thank you for starting to blog again.

  2. That point about the human side of Jesus learning submission from Mary… wasn’t in my sermon notes! After the service, I even tried to remember what point had been added, and couldn’t recall it until I read your blog. All to say that it was from God–not yours truly.Ken

  3. I want to give my girls my time. I want to be available for them, for the big things and the little things — a cup of water, a skinned knee, to read a book, to giggle in the dark under bedtime cover. All of that is to say this: I want my everyday, walking-around attitude toward my kids to match my deepest love for God. I want them to see that what I tell them about Jesus Christ is lived out in my regular life.

  4. I am feeling inadequate to respond after Nelly and Jennifer drop those on you, but yeah, I want my legacy for my kids and my grandkids to be one that, in all things, points to Jesus. I want my legacy to say that Kathy and I cared deeply for them, for others, for the lost and the hurting – and that they see us doing all of these things in Christ’s name.

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