You asked for it…

Chris, at Experiencing Grace & Peace, tagged me to share 6 random facts about myself. Well, I’m such a full-disclosure person, it’s hard to come up with things I haven’t already said or confessed in some context or another. So I went into my The View From Here archives and dug out something I wrote a few years ago. I was going to just pick out 6 things, but I think it has to be read as a whole.
So, okay, Chris, you tagged me and now you’re going to get more random info than you could have imagined!

February 06
39 Random Things About Me

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My 39th birthday.

I decided that instead of sulking about it*, I’d write 39 wierd things about myself to share with all of you so you’ll maybe laugh, know a little more of me, and mainly so lots of people will say Happy Birthday to me! (and yes, there are foot notes for just about every single thing)

1. I’m the youngest of a youngest *
2. I lived in Lebanon for several years *
3. I have a completely irrational fear of hermit crabs
4. I used to be a Coke drinker- but now I drink Pepsi*
5. I love going barefoot and would be shoeless all the time if it were socially acceptable
6. I have the rarest blood type: AB-*
7. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
8. I have pet theories-my favorite: “thin hip guys”*
9. indecisive people drive me absolutely crazy
10. sunny, slightly humid and 89 degrees is perfect weather to me
11. I’m cold until the temperature reaches about 80
12. I’m completely math phobic*
13. Chocolate is appropriate anytime of the day or night and in any form*
14. Potatoes are the second best food*
15. When I love a movie, I can see it MANY times *
16. I love old things *
17. My husband in 7 years older than me *
18. Louisa May Alcott is probably my favorite author
19. Twig is my favorite childhood book (and best memory for that matter)
20. I still like to believe -pretend-imagine- that fairies are real, and there are whole worlds that exist beyond our grasp
21. Autumn makes me homesick for Michigan*
22. I think I only have one secret I’ve never shared with another person*
23. Music speaks to my heart & soul like nothing else in this world
24. I am, at the core of my being, a lazy person*
25. Cold milk makes me gag*
26. I’ve never been to the West coast

**side note– I just typed out the remaining numbers and realized two things: 1) it’s hard to come up with 39 things and b) 39 night as well be 40**

27. I love surprizes*
28. Seinfeld is probably my all time favorite tv show
29. I’m one credit shy of a Spanish minor*
30. Sharing a laugh with my kids is one of my favorite things
31. If I had the means, I would travel extensively*
32. Sporting events make me cry*
33. Beauty makes me cry*
34. Children make me cry*
35. Warm, homemade caramel corn makes me cry*
36. When I’m really angry, I cry*
37. When I’m moved, I cry*
38. When friends say nice things to me, I cry*
39. I love my husband more today than when we got married 18 years ago*

40. I’m not a very good rule follower.*

*let’s face it, I’ll probably still sulk- you just won’t know.
1*that makes my daughter the youngest of a youngest of a youngest–we have high hopes for her future. side note: I learned early on that no doesn’t usually mean no-which is a common youngest trait
4*I have no idea when, why, or how this happened and my sisters had a hard time with it, but they’ve forgiven me
6*8th grade biology-everyone thought it was really cool–so much for 15 minutes of fame
8*developed with my sister while in college, we theorized that some guys are “thin hip guys” meaning they would only ever date thin hipped, big chested women- no matter how beautiful, smart, funny or wonderful the hipped, flat chested woman may be.
12*this is true and not very funny when you’re helping your 4th grader with homework or trying to figure out how much quarterly sales tax you owe
13*I ate chocolate ice cream the morning of my wedding to “calm my nerves”
14*”po-ta-toes- boil um, mash um, stick um in a stew”
15* I’m sure I’ve watched the LOTR movies dozens of times each, not to mention “Room with a View” and “Chocolat”
16* old houses (ours was built in 1886), furniture, clothes, books…
17* I was 18 and he was 25 when we met
21* I grew up there
22* and it’ll probably stay that way
24* I’ve never been accused of being a workaholic or task oriented
25* but I love hot, steamed milk with white chocolate in it
27* sadly, I’m difficult to surprize- I always seems to figure it out or suspect something–however–just last night, my dear Bible study friends managed to completely surprize me (& Carolyn-her bday is next week) with a lovely party!
29* I don’t remember any of it now, and was never very good at the grammar part- it’s pretty amazing I passed all my classes
31* starting with Italy
32* okay, not the superbowl…Olympic sporting events make me cry…races, beautiful ice skating, people overcoming huge obstacles to achieve their dreams…sniff, sniff
33* sunsets, sunrises, vibrant colors, beautiful flowers, wind blowing over the prairie, leaves changing colors…kleenex anyone
34* not fighting children…but kids laughing, children singing songs with meaning, boys rough housing with their dads, girls giggling & sharing secrets…wiping away tears
35* not really
36* this is true…when I’m irrate I cry- I have a hard time articulating anything into words-so it comes out my tear ducts
37* also true-I pretty much cry about anything and everything-aren’t you glad you only know me through the internet?
38* thanks for the many tears, friends
39* he’s the greatest blessing of my life-and when I dwell on it–it makes me cry…
40* which is why I completely ignored the “simple rules” Chris spelled out in his tag…

There you go, Chris! Maybe when I turn 42 in a few weeks I’ll add to the list!
My turn…but since Idon’t know 6 bloggers, I’ll just tag the ones I know:
On Being Held
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3 Replies to “You asked for it…”

  1. * you should live in africa. they love big hips. I’ve never had so many envious women of the thing I’ve always despised.* i’d happily support a trip to Italy after you check off Nigeria.* i’m so glad you like me despite my indecisivness. Forewarning, it will take me at least 10 minutes to decide what to order at Pattycakes…and not just my first time back.* I’m happy to have met someone who matches me at crying.* I just yelled at Nico for going barefoot today…yet another reason you would love it here. * Nutella on crepes for breakfast is a family favorite!After posting my pictures of our trip to the beach (haven’t been able to get on our blog for a while…excited for good internet connections again!) I can’t wait to take you up on that tag!

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