I remember…
…sharing a room in Ann Arbor & Alma
…the imfamous blue/green bedspreads
…watching you & Kameron make up “songs for the deaf”
…the time you sweetly assured me when I was 12 that missing one dance was not the end of the world and there would be plenty more
…thinking you had the coolest room, clothes, shoes (especially the wooden healed clogs), and Mr. Bill pin 🙂 (hey, I just realized, I still do!!)
you on the top of the motor home holding up the Rawah sign
…feeling bad when girls were mean to you
…trying to be invisible when the Scott’s came over so I could listen in
…being so proud of you when you were homecoming queen
…the time when I had a crush on Tim Meyer and you coached me on what to say to mom & dad
…the first time you wrote me a letter from college
…your patience with me at 19 as your irresponsible, slacker roommate
…your true joy at my engagement
…the time we argued on the hill overlooking GR and ended in tears & hugs & forgiveness
…your kindness and love when I miscarried
…sharing your joy at your beautiful wedding
…you & Mark being there when Josh was born
…your tight hug and reassuring words when Nate was sick
…your confident assurances when depression clouded my reason
…your always strong faith, no matter the circumstances

This is only a small bit of all the memories…there are so many that remind me of your patience, grace, love, mercy, faith, and incredible strength.
You, my sister, are an amazing woman.
You exude mercy and compassion.
You are cloaked in grace and wisdom.
You are hospitality personified.
You bless each person you meet.
Your strength and purity inspire me.
You are a fragrant offering where ever you go.

I love you with all my heart and wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday.


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