Scheduled Outrage

After signing in, my eyes skimmed the page and I saw the announcement at the top:

“Scheduled outrage at 4:00PM PDT…”.

Wow! That’s weird, I thought. Is blogspot sponsoring a public demonstration of some sort?

Huh. Maybe that’s what I need…a scheduled outrage. I never know what to do with my anger…

I looked again.

“Scheduled outage”

Oh. That makes a lot more sense.


3 Replies to “Scheduled Outrage”

  1. I LOVE it! But it’s most fun to schedule simultaneous outrages and be together when we do it! So lunch sometime? I know a great little coffeehouse!

  2. Yes, very funny Patty; I can just see your face as you are reading that! I tend to try and stay away from those scheduled outrages – they are very unproductive and I’m not very often (EVER) at the center of them…it’s always someone else’s problem. Thanks for the laugh!

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