Pretty Princess

She’s always been sweet. Usually smiling, kind and gentle; that’s my girl.
She woke up this morning, got ready and greeted me with a big hug & smile.
Happy birthday, honey! I whispered, still blinking the sleep from my eyes.
Thanks, mom! came the cheery response.

She’s been waiting for this day for months. Well, years, really.

Her celebration started a week ago. Twelve girls descended on our home ready for a party. But the planning has been in the works for a month.
I suggested she have a theme for the party. She looked at me and replied, with a characteristic smile “Disney Princesses”. That sounded like fun…I’m all into dressy, girly, princess stuff. Armed with nothing but ideas ( and a little cash), we headed off to party places and dollar stores to search for princessy stuff.
A few weeks later, the cake baked, the table set, the house and food ready, and no males in sight, we prepared for the arrival of the girls.

Upon entering our home in a swarm, they donned their borrowed princess dresses, primped in front of mirrors and then the party started.

After a fun, loud, giggly photo shoot, and amidst lots of talking, laughter, and goofy teenage girl stuff, I called them into the banquet. With gifts for each girl, food in abundance and friendship all around, they celebrated with us.

Twelve 15 and 16 year old girls dressed up like princesses, sitting at a feast, enjoying one another. Reading from I Peter 2:9-10 “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood…” , I prayed with them and told them how, if you were a daughter of the King you were truly a princess. It was all I could do to not to cry(sappy person that I am).
Well, the meal ended and they went on to spend hours laughing, talking, playing truth or dare, mafia, sitting around a fire, having a dance off (at 4 a.m.) and staying up ALL night! It was everything she’d hoped for and worth the missed sleep for me.

But that was a week ago. Today’s the day.
She’s finally sixteen.
Brad & I gave her a ring this morning. A ring to remind her of our love, to remind her of her Heavenly Father’s love, to remind her of a call to holiness, and to remind her that she’s truly a princess.
Happy Birthday, Beautiful girl…we love you!


9 Replies to “Pretty Princess”

  1. goodness…tears flowed easily imagining all of this momentum, growing, loving and celebrating. Truly can't believe how old MB is but am not surprised how lovely she is. In part due to her very character and in part to the loving parents who have helped form her. Gives me motivation to keep on through these younger years…they grow up so fast!

    big hugs to all.

  2. Oh Patty.

    I'm feeling breathless, and teary.

    Incredible post. Incredible party. Incredible family you are. Incredible God we share.

    I've missed you here at Flirting with Eternity. Your heart just SHINES, Patty — right here and of course in real life. 🙂

    May I link to this post on my side-rail, where I feature “Soul Food.”

    This fed my soul today.

    Love you, friend.

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful idea, beautiful princesses, beautiful 16-year-old, beautiful family. Did I miss anything? Oh, beautiful that God calls us royal; and I agree with Jennifer. What a gift you've given all of those girls, that you blessed them with that; a fun, fantasy filled day filled with God's truth!

    We're planning on giving Morgan a “ring” as well; you may be reminded of MB's beautiful birthday in a couple of years, in more ways than one, when your good friend over at “A Life That is Changed” copies your wonderful idea!

    Praying for your daughters, both of them, that they continue to grow in the truth of who God says they are!

  4. aww that was so sweet! just a stranger passing by, touched by a sweet and lovely story. happy to know that girls at this age are growing well in the Lord despite all the bad things that are happening to teenagers today.

  5. Patty, when I scrolled down and saw that the photo was of your teenage daughter I was very touched! What a sweet and precious idea and event. It must do your mother's heart good to see your daughter growing into a lovely woman of God with her priorities and character developing and maturing into all the right places.
    God bless you and your family! Beautiful girls -one and all!

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