Letting go…

From the time we’re born, we’re letting go. From the cradle to the grave we let go of–well–eventually everything in our lives ending with our own bodies. We let go of ourselves…who we were, who we thought we were, who we thought we’d be. Hopefully, as we grow and mature, we let go of prejudices, dogmas, and judgements. We let go of people as they leave our lives through moves or choices or death. We let go of our children. We let go of dreams. We let go of homes, cars, clothes…all the stuff of life. We let go of the boxes we’ve built to hold God or people. We let go of the walls that either keep others out or ourselves in.
There are some things that aren’t too hard for me to let go of, and others, the mere thought of giving them up makes me panic. Yet, eventually, all will be stripped away. Will I willingly let it go or will it be taken?
My kids will grow up and leave. They, hopefully, will find loving spouses and establish homes of their own. Will I let them go? I have three teenagers right now (soon to be four) and it always surprises me what I have a hard time letting go of in regards to them.
My heart’s heavy this morning as I continue to let go.
But not just letting go of my kids, but of wrongs (real or perceived) committed against me, of hurts new and old, of words spoken to me and words I’ve uttered, of mistakes filled with shame, of past choices that I’d do anything to change…
Letting go is filled with fears for me…
fears that wrongs will go unpunished…
that healing will not come…
that reconciliation is beyond hope…
that mistakes made may be irrevocable
So much fear.
And yet, in the end, there is no choice but to let go; to let other people’s “stuff” be theirs and not take it on myself.
I’d love to end this post with a nice little happy Bible verse or cliche or meaningful song, but the truth is, letting go is just something you have to do whether it feels ok or brings any sense of comfort or relief or not and all the words in the world can’t make it any easier.

***Brad just read this and said “That’s what Jesus did. He willingly let it all go.”


2 Replies to “Letting go…”

  1. Wow!
    Your words really touched me. We lost our son, Joshua, in NOvember 2003.
    We realize what loosing someone else and no word can explain how we feel about eternity.

    I'm one day closer…

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