Showing up

Always unannounced, he shows up.

Dirty face, grubby clothes, great big smile, kind heart and oh, so troubled life.

One day it’s his car. Another his failing marriage. Can he borrow 10 bucks? Can we store some of his stuff?

The next time it’s issues with his mom or dad… or boss… or friend… or the law.

It may be different, but it’s always something. Impulsive, rash and prone to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he’s often in trouble.

He knows we don’t approve of most of his choices. I’ve been straight with him–blunt in fact–about his issues and how life’s not about money or women or simply being happy.

Sometimes I wonder why he keeps showing up.

We don’t lend him money. Sometimes we’re able to answer his requests but not always. We’ve set clear boundaries.

But we do love him and try to keep showing kindness as we speak Truth.

Sometimes it’s tempting to want to fix him and his problems. But he’s not a project. We can’t save him.

Sometimes I want to see some improvement or little sign that something we say or do makes a difference. But truthfully, I don’t see any.

Sometimes I want to cut him loose.

Sometimes I want to give him a swift kick.

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by his hurt and confusion.

Sometimes I don’t want to love him.

But then I remember. Loving him, showing him grace, isn’t an option, it’s a necessity and a command.

So we keep loving. And he keeps showing up.

Showing up in exactly the same way I’m forever showing up at Mercy’s door…dirty faced and shabbily dressed looking for Love, Grace, Healing and Mercy.

And time after time after time, He opens the door and loves me right where I am.

5 Replies to “Showing up”

  1. Patty, reminds me a little of Bonhoeffer on the merciful:

    “As if their own needs and their own distress were not enough, they take upon themselves the distress and humiliation and sin of others… No distress is too great, no sin too appalling… the merciful will sacrifice their own honour to shield him… for the only honour and dignity they know is their Lord's own mercy, to which they owe their very lives.”

    Challenging post.

    Nice to meet you — one of these times I'll get Jennifer to bring me over for coffee… 😉

  2. Chris, I'm glad you dropped by too…always a pleasure.

    Lyla, thanks for stopping by! I read your latest post earlier but I'm a little shy when it comes to commenting. I loved the story and the way you so effortlessly weave humor into a serious piece. One snarl from those dogs and I would have gone zero to 60 in…well…in however long it would take my 1998 gmc safari to get up to 60. Stop by again–and in person sometime too. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the poignant reminder, Patty, to remember who we are and what we've received. There's no room left after that for arrogance or selfishness…

    This post really resonates in my heart right now especially – my own latest post may explain why – once again, God seems to have led us to similar places at similar times. No surprise, really, but humbling. 🙂

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