This post has been tucked safely away as a draft since I wrote it in August. I write a lot of things I never intend to publish; sometimes because they’re too raw or too negative or sound complain-y. That’s what I assumed about this post. Every once in a while since August, I’d click on it and think about editing it for publishing or deleting it. Rereading it, I’ve never changed it until today. Today it seems like I’m supposed to post it. I don’t really want to because it makes me sound needy and depressed and like a big fat baby. But, setting pride aside (not easily or happily), I’m putting it our there for the world (well, not really the world since only about 6 of you ever read this-but you get what I mean) to see as a reminder that perception is not always reality and in hopes that somehow it points someone to the True Rest Giver.

exhausted. i feel like i say that word 1000 times a day in my head. i wake up in the morning exhausted. i go to bed at night exhausted. going to work, driving kids around, doing house work, working at my shop, dealing with friends and clients and school and family…all exhausting. there’s no rest. even my thoughts are exhausting. frustrated at the jealousy, envy, and bitterness in my own heart and mind, even the inside part of me is exhausted. come to me…that’s what you say. and yet, i do and there’s precious little rest for my soul when i do come. there’s guilt and anxiety and more that i see that’s not right in my life. but rest? no. it’s elusive and fleeting like the colors of the rainbow. i don’t want to be angry. i don’t want to be jealous. i don’t want to covet. i don’t want to envy. yet every time i turn around those feelings are right there threatening to consume me. i see how they keep me from entering in and taking part. i feel so lonely. yet i know i am not alone. despite feeling you or not, you are there…the True Rest Giver. and although what i experience day to day doesn’t seem restful, i know you’re here. so i keep getting up and loving and working and schlepping kids and praying and dealing. and somehow, in all those things and the fact that i do them, there’s a Rest that’s beyond me.

**photo: not surprisingly, “The Blah” by Jack Kent, pictured above, was one of my favorites as a little girl…kinda gives you a scary insight into my mind…**

One Reply to “blah”

  1. This is how I've been lately, Patty. I can so relate. Dull … disconsolate … uninterested … exhausted … blah. Thanks for putting the struggle into words, and for sharing it with the rest of us. It helps to shed some light on it. The sun is still shining up there in the clouds; and it will come back out.

    On a more trivial note, maybe you already saw this, but my last post was also scribbled in August, and posted this past Tuesday. Weird. 🙂

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