Sparkly Shoes

Sparkly silver princess shoes peeked out from under the half closed van door.  Her daddy bent and lifted his beautiful little girl.  Adorned in a purple velvet dress you would think she was attending a party or a ball instead of running errands with her beloved father.  She smiled and waved, her messy morning hair flying in the breeze.  I smiled and sighed deep in my heart.

She’s precious and my heart aches just watching her.  She’s absolutely loved and cherished by her daddy and her mommy, who waited years for her to come to them.  Rescued from neglect and abuse, this 4-year-old Disney princess look-alike is home now.  She’s valued for who she is.  She’s loved for simply being.  Even as she grows physically and mentally, I see her flourishing emotionally and spiritually under the tender love and care of her adoring parents.

Her start was rocky, her future bleak.  But they prayed and searched and waited and trusted until they found her.  And now, this beautiful child is home.  A home free of fear and abuse.  A home full of goodness.  And as I watch her and smile from ear to ear, I see that my story is just like her story.

Rescued from a life of slavery to sin, I’m like the little girl in the princess dress with the sparkly shoes.  My adoring, doting Father stoops to pick me up.  He brushes my bedraggled hair from my eyes and kisses my forehead.  I’m loved by my Father.

I really am like the little princess and yet I forget.  I forget who I am now and can only remember where I was.  I continue to live as the orphan and the outcast and the slave.

Oh Father, open my eyes today to see your deep, boundless, limitless love for me.

And Father, help those who read this, whether they believe in You or not, be drawn into that same love.


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