For the last while, I’d characterized my faith as more doubt-filled than faith-filled.  Lord I believe, help my unbelief endlessly echos in my brain and passes my lips.  Thank God He’s the Author, Perfecter, and Keeper of me and all my faith and doubt.

Kept By God from The Valley of Vision

Jehovah God,

Thou Creator, Upholder, Proprietor of all things, I cannot escape from thy presence or control, nor do I desire to do so.

My privilege is to be under the agency of omnipotence, righteousness, wisdom, patience, mercy grace.

Thou art love with more than parental affection; I admire thy heart, adore thy wisdom, stand in awe of thy power, abase myself before thy purity.

It is the discovery of thy goodness alone that can banish my fear, allure me into thy presence, help me to bewail and confess my sins.

When I review my past guilt and am conscious of my present unworthiness I tremble to come to thee, I whose foundation is in the dust, I who have condemned thy goodness, defied they power, trampled upon thy love, rendered myself worthy of eternal death.

But my recovery cannot spring from any cause in me, I can destroy but cannot save myself.

Yet thou has laid help on One that is mighty, for there is mercy with thee, and exceeding riches in thy kindness through Jesus.

May I always feel my need of him.

Let thy restored joy be my strength; may it keep me from lusting after the world, bear up heart and mind in loss of comforts, enliven me in the valley of death, work in me the image of the heavenly, and give me to enjoy the first fruits of spirituality, such as angels and departed saints know.



6 Replies to “Kept”

  1. wow amazing and beautifully spoken! From the depths do I ever doubt also. Why is that? I totally hear you sister!!!
    Blessings, love and hugs (along with a crooked crown)
    Cindy K

  2. Patty, that prayer of the Mark 9 dad is mine daily. I hang onto the hope that Thomas gives,spokesman for those with nagging questions, that those closest to Him right on the ground had their doubts too. And then I let James beat me up, that my double-minded doubt keeps me tossed on the waves.

    But then? Then I read this thing in Jude last week that I’d not quite noticed before: “Be merciful to those who doubt.”

    For those who need mercy, there’s mercy.

    This thing you’ve shared here, it extends that mercy to me.

  3. Beautiful, Patty! Thank you for sharing with all who will take the time to read it and make it a prayer of their own. One thing I have realized in the last 2 years is that this kind of faith comes to us in many different ways. For me no matter I prayed to be able to let go of the wheel and let Jesus control my life…I continued to hold onto some of it until he backed me into a wall where I was forced to let go of all of it and place all of my faith and hope in Him. For some it may come easier than that but for me it was not to be so.

    I am so thankful for your faith lived out in freindship, counsel and your writings that inspire us all to be better at our faith walk. My own success came in total surrender and putting Jesus 1st everyday! This I vow to continue to honor Him who has already done more for me than I deserve.

    Love you,

  4. Let me start by saying that I love seeing your name in the comment box. Your thought-provoking insights and perspectives never fail to encourage and challenge me.

    My Pastor said a few things regarding doubt and Thomas that resonate with me: “don’t let your doubts define you…” and although Thomas doubted, he was the first to declare allegiance to Jesus even when he fully believed doing so would lead to his own death.

    Instead of denying, running from or being fearful of my doubting heart, I’m learning to trust that the doubt and questions will, truly, lead me back to the One I doubt. Weird. And only possible because of the mercy of which you speak.

    p.s. I love the verse from Jude…definately requires a closer look!

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