She tumbled off the couch in a heap and lay crumpled on the floor.  Her whole  body shaking, intermittent gasps for air and a occasional snort arose from the lump of laughing flesh.  Slowly,  wiping tears from her eyes, she emerged, still smiling.  Throughout the night, every once in a while, glancing over, I witnessed the corner of her lips turn up, her eyes sparkle and the giggle resurface like boiling water.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. ~Mark Twain
I’m acutely aware and thankful for the gift of laughter today.

One Reply to “Laughter”

  1. Your thankfulness, Patty, has me thinking about Jesus. Did he ever tease to bring joy and laughter into the lives of his disciples or the home of Mary & Martha?

    Sometimes I find myself trying to ‘read between the lines’ of the gospels, looking for laughter in the life of Jesus.

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