Christmas without a tree?

Life didn’t stop as we cleaned out mom’s house.  We still have four kids.  We still have jobs.  We still have old cars and an old house that need care.  So, between basketball games, Holiday concerts, increased work orders and the rest of normal life (cooking, cleaning, laundry, appointments, visiting mom, planning worship, etc…) buying a Christmas tree proved one of the lowest priorities in my life.

I know at least one of my kids voiced disappointment and I’m sure on Christmas morning, I may feel a twinge too.  Will we survive without it for one year to preserve sanity?  Yes.  I believe we will.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever despite my lack of keeping North American holiday traditions.  Thank God.


2 Replies to “Christmas without a tree?”

    1. I considered hanging the evergreen swag that my sister gave me above the gifts and pretend…but the Flat Stanley idea is way better. I may have to get my daughters on that little project.

      And is hanging out possible? What’s halfway between our houses? Let’s fb chat about it.

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