In the wee small hours of the morning

Huddled under the covers in the middle of the night trying to keep the light from waking Brad, I checked CNN on my phone (yes, that’s what I do when I wake up too early and can’t sleep).  As I read the site, I discovered that if I did rouse myself enough to put my warm cozy feet on the cold hard floor and go downstairs and look to the west, a treat awaited me:  a lunar eclipse.  Coherent enough to understand the value of the event, I left my warm bed.  Sneaking down the creaking staircase, I gazed out the window just in time to see the very first shadow passing over the big beautiful full, rapidly sinking, moon.  About an hour later, the earth blocked a third of the orb and the moon glowed red.  I woke the kids to catch a glimpse before daylight enveloped our world and the moon’s light diminished under the intensity of the sun.  Quiet, unassuming and beautiful, we watched as the Earth cast a shadow over the moon.  Strange and lovely and so easily missed.

Quiet…unassuming…beautiful…strange and lovely and so easily missed.

Life’s pressures, strained relationships, financial hardship, illness, death, depression, loneliness…all the suffering of living in a fallen world easily take center stage, consuming our minds and hearts.  And we, awake but groggy, huddle under the covers and hide from the Main Event:  God, making a way for us in this hurting world.  God, quietly, beautifully, came here, to this spinning planet, confined by skin and gravity and a not yet fully developed brain, so that we, self-centered, self consumed, easily distracted creatures, could experience Life.  Real Life.  Forever.

I pray you’ll join me and wake up and throw back the covers of this life to see the strange and lovely and so easily missed birth of Jesus and the peace He offers.

Happy Christmas dear friends and family!


7 Replies to “In the wee small hours of the morning”

  1. I trust they’re “happy” tears.

    Thank you, Dave, for your constant encouragement, here, in cyberspace. If I ranked the blessings of 2011, you’d be among the top. I appreciate you and praise God for your life and example. Be blessed, my friend.

  2. I’ll join you, my friend!!!! :)))) Beautiful words, beautiful way to issue an invitation that has been issued thousands of times. It is so true that many times we let Life keep us “under the covers”. May you and yours truly see and appreciate all He offers us this beautiful Christmas Eve! Love . . .

  3. I love it and love you too dear ones. Have a Blessed Christmas and I will throw back the covers from my life and let the stars shine tonight and will keep trying every chance I get.

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