Walking home

a long day
goals accomplished
hard work completed
time to go home
time to rest after a long journey
anxious and exhausted
mind and body spent
the crooked path fraught with danger
beside her
hand in hand we walked
and helped her over the bumps in the path
and prayed for safe passage
we sang to make the journey bearable
we kissed her soft sunken cheek
we smoothed her gray hair
we whispered words of thanks
and love
and hope
and finally good-bye
she stood at the door
one more embrace
she took a deep breath
and crossed the threshold


7 Replies to “Walking home”

  1. Tears come as I read, Patty. You and Brad so beautifully walked the path with Agnes …joyfully and tirelessly giving compassion, mercy, love, tenderness, and faithfulness. I know the LORD is pleased with your “work” and your beautiful example. Love you both.

  2. Patty, you’ve written the post I can’t get out of me just yet. Thank you.

    I missed the moment. She wouldn’t do it in front of me, being so proper and all. But when I arrived a few minutes later, I brushed back that crisp silver hair, touched that sunken cheek, kissed her forehead and whispered, “You did it. You made it.”

    Thanks so much for this, for letting me grieve here with you.

    1. ((hugs))
      I actually thought of the whole “proper” thing with my mom in law a few times. I was struck with how our first ever bathing experience after birth is strikingly similar to our last bathing experience after death. “I pray you enter this world the way you depart: with a wrinkled face and a brand new heart.”

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