standing on the slippery floor

Standing in the shower, hot water beating on my back, I think.  Not the reflective, pondering kind of think.  The stewing, turning things over in my mind, wringing my hands kind of think.  Fretting…worrying…agonizing…you get the picture.  Past failures and screw-ups muddy my mind.  Present inadequacies threaten to crowd out hope.  The future, rife with potential dangers and unknowns, looms large on the horizon.  Fear barges in uninvited and starts making himself at home.  Salty tears mingle with the endless streams from the shower.  Fragile and exposed, I’m standing on a slippery floor.  Then I start to pray.  And my mind begins to clear and my brain stops its constant motion and the floor doesn’t feels so slippery under my feet anymore.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”  ~Peter to people living as foreigners


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