Just another day.

Waking up, feet hitting the floor, life’s routine continues.
“Good mornings” spoken to loved ones.
Kids shuffled out the door.
That oh-so-vital cup of coffee and we’re out the door.
Just another day.

Only some days that seem like just another day don’t end as just another day.

Today looked like any other day.  But for me, change charged each moment and the mundane transformed into momentous as each specific activity became “the last”.
The last berry pockets crafted.
The last cinnamon rolls shared.
The last cupcakes decorated.
The last coffees sipped.
The last customers.

Goodbyes filled my day and gripped my heart. Even as I said goodbye to people I know I’ll see again, somehow we all knew it would be different.
Tears welled up and spilled out.

Standing on the brink, facing an exciting, adventurous but yet unknown future, I said goodbye to a familiar, lovely past.  Not devoid of mistakes and upsets, but happy and fulfilling and productive nonetheless.

I’m happy and sad and excited and scared all at the same time.  And I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the love shown to me today by family and friends who took the time, changed their schedules, and even took off work, to be there as my little insignificant life changed forever.

This song (not profound or anything) has been on repeat in my brain all week.


3 Replies to “Just another day.”

  1. Such a great way to explain the day – the event today was. I understood exactly what you were saying and feeling. Those days you do all the normal stuff but know your life is changing and the “normal” of today won’t be that way again.

    I love you and am so proud of what you’ve done and what you are about to do.

  2. Change charged each moment… To live each day like that. (I don’t know about you — I can say that and then know that I couldn’t endure that. 😉 )

    What a big day, Patty, in all kinds of ways. Excited for your future. Wish I’d have made it over last week, but we’ll make something work. Praying as the change continues to charge your moments, your days.

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