Fuzzy aches

Vacuuming the floors, cleaning the shower and dusting, I started tearing up.
Not from allergies.
No, the tears come from a fuzzy place in my heart.
Two of my four kids are gone on adventures and I miss them.
And my heart aches.
I think of her and the friendship we used to have and I miss her.
And my heart aches.
It’s easy to conjure up the image of him hugging the kids and hear his booming laugh and I wish he was still hear to watch them grow up.
And my heart aches.
Remembering his tousled blond curls, he’s forever one in my mind and I ache for never knowing him.
And my heart aches.
A fuzzy sort of ache that presses on your heart and catches in your throat and stings your eyes with salty tears.
And somewhere deep down, under the ache, there’s hope and a sad beauty of how much we love.


8 Replies to “Fuzzy aches”

    1. Why does sharing your heart always feel so risky? And yet, whenever we do, people respond. Thank you for always accepting me (and my heart) just the way I am.

  1. Thanks, Patty. I teared up reading and understanding and feeling what your words described. I have been in that “fuzzy” place for about a day too. Love you and thankful for you!!

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