It’s the little things

it’s being given an unexpected “thank you” in an unusual way

it’s beauty in the vivid sunrise

it’s the breath-taking joy of a restored relationship

it’s steeling a few precious moments with a dear sister

it’s quiet understanding from a friend

it’s coming home to clean dishes

it’s a bear hug out of the blue

it’s the excitement of a 10 year old at just seeing you

it’s a knowing look from a fellow sojourner when you’re hurting

it’s laughter in your family

it’s undeserved forgiveness for minor offenses

it’s the kind words of a stranger on a bad day

it’s a warm bed on a cold night

it’s everyday reminders that we’re not alone…

and there is a God…

and He does love us…

it’s grace in the little things and as well as the big


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