It’s the little things

it’s perfectly placed slippers–right next to the bed so feet never hit the cold floor

it’s the morning star, there, faithfully each day

it’s the unexpected drop-in from an old friend

it’s clean sheets

it’s precious new babies and their new-baby smell

it’s a child laughing with abandon

it’s a 76-year-old dad praying for his 45-year-old daughter

it’s a kind word on a hard day

it’s the reminder that someone’s praying

it’s warm food in a cold season

it’s family who laugh and love and accept

it’s a hot shower when no one flushes the toilet (maybe that’s just my house)

it’s a loving spouse

it’s coffee every morning

it’s parents who still madly love each other after 54 years

it’s a dependable car

it’s celebrating birthdays

it’s freedom to express an opinion

it’s enough food and water and clothing and shelter

it’s waking up and breathing and knowing you have this moment to live and love and give

it’s the myriad of reminders that we’re not alone…

and there is a God…

and He does love us…

it’s grace in the little things and as well as the big


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