Under the Dirt

As I referenced in my last post, the snow is still flying here in Iowa.  The white stuff still sits in little clumps around my yard waiting for the sun’s power to melt it away and squishes into my shoes when I accidentally step in it.  Needless to say, it’s been a long winter.

A few weeks ago, I did devotions for the junior high students and showed them pictures of a brown field.  No plants protruding.  No visible evidence of  life.  Just a field of dirt.  I then showed them the same field from the air a few months later.  Ribbons of vibrant color like a beautiful, bright patchwork quilt blanketed the field.  The tulip farms’ display of spring splendor inspire spontaneous smiles!  (I wish I could show you here–put I’m too cheap to buy more space for my blog–you’ll just have to trust me or google it yourself)  Anyway, I shared with the kids about the fact that there will be days, weeks and sometimes even months (I didn’t say years–but you and I both know it can be years) that when you look at the landscape of your life, you may only see dirt.  Brown fields stretching as far as the eye can see.  No growth.  No beauty.  No visible evidence of life.  But under the surface, under the dirt, God is at work.  God is always at work.  And there will be fields of flowers some day.  There will be beauty and color and splendid, radiant life for you to enjoy and share and bless others with.

I don’t know if you’re in the middle of dirt right now or surrounded with flowers.  If it’s dirt, please know and trust that there is potential under all that brown; God has not forgotten you.  He is at work.  And if you’re standing in a field of beauty, please, share your bounty with those living with the dirt right now.


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