The Encourager.

He sits in his chair, silver hair crowning his head, watching the Twins, chatting about anything and everything  happy to be surrounded by family.  The phone rings and he answers and as I listen to the conversation, I’m astounded again and again by his gracious love extended to each caller.  They’re calling to check-in, to see how he’s doing, to say they’re praying.  The fact that they’re calling isn’t the astounding thing, though.   After updating, my dad invariably asks how the person on the other end is and what shocks me is how quickly people who called to encourage become the encouraged.  Dad patiently listens to then, even though his own time on this earth is short.  He prompts them with questions, willingly engaging them in their comparatively trivial concerns.  More than once, my dad–the one with the incurable cancer–prays for them.

Lovely.  Beautiful.  Self-less.  Amazing.

How does he do it?  I’ll tell you what he’d tell you, that he continues encouraging because he’s constantly being fed and nourished and encouraged by The Encourager–The Comforter–The Counselor who prays for him and us constantly.  


8 Replies to “The Encourager.”

  1. This is so beautiful, Patty. Thank you.

    I pray you will be encourage by the very words you have used to encourage others.

    And I also pray you will find strength as you see your father on earth resting in the strong, certain grace of his Father in heaven.

  2. I don’t even know through who on fb I found this….but oh I am so thankful I did…isn’t it how we all need to live no matter how close we know we are to our glorious end….because truly we all could be there tomorrow….oh may we all be feed and nourished by the Giver of true food….so others may find His nourishment as well…..blessing to you and to your dear dad

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