Dads: past, present and future.

Driving down the empty road at 6:30 am to buy the makings of an All-American Father’s Day meal (bacon cheese burgers) I pondered and reflected on all the many Dad’s in my life.

Dad H has been gone 10 years this summer and we miss him.  Oh! how we miss him.  Strong of body and character, he delighted his children and grand children with his rich deep laugh.  Often Brad and I comment on things he would have loved–our home projects, seeing his grand-kids live and grow, being a great-grandpa.  For his legacy of raising 4 hard-working, faithful, godly men, I am eternally grateful.

If you read my blog even semi-regularly, you’ve been introduced to my own amazing Dad.  A life-long learner, he thoughtfully and intentionally lives his life for God’s glory.  My sister’s and I marvel at his perseverance and grace and praise God for blessing us with such a lovely man.  Who would we be without his unconditional love, acceptance and fatherly affection?

The father of my own kids amazes me.  I’ve taken to referring to Brad as a true Renaissance Man.  Armchair philosopher, carpenter-artist, faith-filled husband-father-brother-friend, he walks through life with integrity and strength.  His calloused hands attest to his ability and commitment to his craft (and to providing for us).  His devoted friends and family vouch for the fact that he’s a man of few words but when he talks, people listen.   And I, his wife who knows him best, will testify to his deep faith and constant love and devotion to me and the kids.  What a privilege to partner with this man.

Then, the future fathers in my life: my sons.  I see both your grandpa’s and your dad in you.  What a rich legacy of faith, wisdom, and trust-worthiness you’ve been shown and given!  Each of you has a strong work-ethic, deep trust in God, and an ever-growing awareness of who you are and why you’re here.  I’m proud of you, Josh & Nate, and I pray and know that some day, you will be husband’s that your wives adore and father’s that bless your children.

Praying God’s deepest blessings on each of you Dad’s –past, present, and future.  Love you all!



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