#Preapproved…screw-ups and all

Yesterday morning, I hit the “publish” key on my blog, Words (a blog about how every word matters and we’re meant to build up and not tear down) and then immediately proceeded to push a tease too far with a family member and hurt their feelings.


So much for practicing what you preach.  Throughout the day I stuck my foot in my mouth several times because of careless words.

Double ugh.

Frustrated and mad at myself and my weakness, the self-degradation and chastisement began in my own head and continued far longer than it should have. I gave myself a mental beating.

It stopped when I saw my friend Jennifer’s selfie on Instagram. You see, Jennifer made the decision a few weeks ago to give up her reflection for Lent. Yes, you read that correctly. She covered her mirrors and gave up looking at her outward self so she can concentrate on seeing God and seeing her whole-self through His eyes. My delightful, funny, generous, beautiful and genuine friend knows she’s #preapproved. She knows God already loves, cherishes and accepts her at her core regardless of what the mirror or others say.

And seeing her averted-gaze selfie, reminded me that I too was, am and always will be #preapproved–careless words and all.

Soon, so very soon, you will be able to read more about letting go of what holds us back and finding freedom in God’s approval. Look for the Love Idol on bookshelves (real or cyber) beginning April 1st.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.20.01 AM


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