Sipping my coffee, pouring over my dad’s journal entitled “Studies on prayer”, the distinct aroma of my dad filled my nose and transported me in an instant to his study.  Tears stung my eyes, remembering his frame, bent , surrounded by Bibles and commentaries and Hebrew dictionaries.  My heart ached to give him a hug.  As I continued reading the journal and sticking my nose to the page every so often to smell his smell again, there were questions about things he wrote that filled my mind.  And another wave of sadness passed over me, knowing I can’t call him to ask him what he meant by a particular word or phrase.

I miss him.

I miss his smell.

But truly, the aroma of his life and faith continues to fill my senses and spur me on in my own journey.  The words in the letter that Paul wrote to the Corinthians take on even deeper and more personal meaning: “For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing…”. Even after we leave this earth, our aroma, our legacy, remains. Dad’s beautiful and pleasing aroma–his faith–his walk with Jesus–continues to impact this world in both tangible and intangible ways.

And as I ponder and reflect, I can’t help but think about my own aroma.  Is it something that is cherished and delighted in  like peonies in June or fresh mountain air?  Or is it like the pungent, stinky smell of the fermenting corn that makes you want to close your windows when the wind is from the direction of the grain elevator?

Thank God that, through Jesus, all the Father smells is his Son!  We are the aroma of Christ to God.

But to other people, in our words, actions, and reactions–what will be our aroma today?


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