Waking up this Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, I immediately think of my own dear mom. Grace and beauty personified, she lives and breathes and exemplifies Christ daily to each person privileged enough to cross her path. Blessed, truly blessed, am I to be the daughter of such a one.

But blessed also, am I, to have almost countless women throughout the years mentor, guide, counsel, love and walk beside me. Sisters, friends and fellow-travelers, these women (some moms and some not) each weave texture and color into the tapestry of my life. God uses every one–past and present– to bring depth, shed light, provide hope and share wisdom for this journey.

May you be encouraged today, dear friends, that wherever you are and whoever is present in your life, you are a beautiful, integral part of their story. Don’t shy away from offering yourself–you are needed–in this world full of hurt– you are valuable. No matter your age or motherhood status, your grace, wit, knowledge and soul-beauty are needed!




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