It’s the Little Things

it’s the bubblegum-pink, cotton candy-blue morning sky
it’s sacred moments that come in everyday packages
it’s a fresh, hot, colorful, yummy omelet
it’s beauty in the intricate outline of bare trees against the winter canvas
it’s anticipation of time spent with loved ones
it’s the white blanket covering the black earth
it’s precious new life and her sweet smell
it’s loyal friends
it’s stillness and quiet

it’s community that surrounds and protects

it’s warmth from the heater at my feet
it’s the luxury of time to linger over coffee
it’s hope that what is wrong will some day be made right
it’s hawks magically-as if overnight- donning their seasonal plumage
it’s reading wise words penned two decades ago by my sorely-missed dad
it’s knowledge that the frigid chill winds will eventually give way to warm summer breezes
it’s expecting faith, hope, and love and receiving it in abundance
it’s watching the eagle in the vacant, snow-swept barren field
it’s everyday reminders that we’re not alone…
and there is a God…
and He does love us…
it’s grace in the little things and as well as the big.


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