Driving to work

Each morning, I climb into whatever vehicle sits vacant in the driveway. The radio off, I travel the thirty miles to work, praying as I go.  I pray for family and friends and school and lots of specifics; but today, the Creator of the Universe, brought you to mind. I may know you or not. I might be well aware of your struggle and pain or completely oblivious. Either way, I prayed for you because He wanted me to.

I prayed:

peace for the restless,

order for those in chaos,

faith for the doubting,

trust for the hurting,

security and safety for the fearful,

love for the unloved,

healing for the sick in heart, mind or body,

provision for the lacking,

forgiveness for the unforgiving,

wisdom for the perplexed,

discernment and guidance for the uncertain.

I prayed for God’s great exchanges to take place in your lives:

beauty for ashes,

grace for shame,

freedom for slavery,

peace for despair.

May you know His presence and power today, dear one.


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