In the moment

It happened several times on my trip, and although annoying, didn’t seem like that big of a deal. Then, it happened at my niece’s wedding and I was ticked. Snapping photos left and right, my memory on my phone quickly filled up and just when Steph & Scott were ready to walk down the aisle–bam! No more room for photos. Ugh. I rushed to erase some, but with the bright sun, I couldn’t see the screen. Thankfully, after only a few seconds of scrambling, I put my iphone down and turned to focus on the beautiful event unfolding before my eyes.

The ceremony was simple, worshipful, meaningful and happy. Two lovely souls declared their love, spoke solemn vows, washed each other’s feet (as a symbol of mutual servanthood) and became one under a perfectly blue summer sky. And I almost missed some of the beauty because I thought I needed to capture it through a lens instead of treasure it in the moment.

It happened on my trip as well. For those of you who don’t know, I just returned from a 10 service and learning trip to Nicaragua. What a stunningly beautiful country! The whole trip I kept trying to capture the loveliness of volcanoes and rivers and lakes and people and wide sweeping vistas and not a single picture lives up to the joy and beauty of the real thing. It’s a bit dissappointing but drives home the point for me that you can’t hold beauty and save it up for later. Beauty is meant to be savored in the moment. It brings refreshment and hope in the moment and you can remember that beauty, but you can’t recreate the moment. To some, this is frustrating. We’re such keepers aren’t we? We want to possess and control and you simply can’t possess or control beauty, you just have to soak it in when you see it.

I’m glad my phone’s memory was full. I’m glad I had to put it down and simply listen and engage without framing the next shot. Hopefully, I’ll be more aware from now on of living in the moments of beauty instead of trying to capture them.


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