The God who sees.

 Am I a God anyone can hide from? Do I not see what happens in secret? Am I not everywhere, filling heaven and earth? -The prophet Jeremiah (23:24)

kids making lousy–even dangerous–choices.
financial pressures.
past shame preventing present freedom.
empty arms longing for a child.
a dreaded diagnosis.
unfullfilled hopes.
uncertain future.
chronic pain–physical or emotional.
parenting a child with demanding needs.
_________  you fill in the blank

It’s painful when you’re a Christ-follow and it feels like God doesn’t hear or see or care.
I’ve lived almost half a century and I know I still don’t know much, but I do know the truth of Isaiah 55:

My thoughts and My ways are above and beyond you, just as heaven is far from your reach here on earth. 

Even when you can see Him or feel Him, He is still at work. His master-craftsman’s hands are still building His Kingdom and working His purposes in your life–even when you can’t see it.

Hurting mom, He loves you and your child. Disillusioned sister, He’s seeking you. Exhausted brother, He knows your weary heart. Lonely child, He feels your ache. Scared friend, He is your shield. Searching soul, He knows you even if you don’t know Him.

My prayer for you today, dear reader, is that you would know the peace and comfort of the God who sees.

Isaiah 55
Psalm 46
Psalm 139
Jeremiah 29
Jeremiah 31

John 14
John 16

Romans 5


One Reply to “The God who sees.”

  1. From “Thin Places ” by Mary DeMuth:
    “As I write, I am Hagar, Sarai’s handmaiden, lost in the wilderness of my life, feeling alone and helpless. And, as it did for Hagar, my comfort comes in the form of two words: God sees. Hagar names God; she is the only one to do so. In that place of destitution—alone and afraid—she calls Him El Roi, the God who sees. These two words carry me through this bewildering life. Hagar’s name means flight. How many times have I flown from life’s mess, only to weep in the desert? How many times have I wondered whether God sees? To be honest, it’s often hard for me to believe that His eyes trace over the story of my life.”

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