A Quieter Grief

Subtle, nagging, tugging, I felt the grief pulling at my heart all day. Through worship, memories, sights, and sounds, I felt his absence.  Tears threatened and spilled over and I cried for the missing and the longing.

It’s been a big year in the life of my family–engagements, graduations, jobs, marriages, moves– and we didn’t get to share it with him. It’s not like he feels like he’s missing anything–he’s in Glory experiencing ultimate joy and complete rest. For the last three years, he’s understood an eternal perspective that I can only grasp at like a child chasing a bubble.

So I didn’t cry for him today. I cried for me. I cried for the missing and the longing.

Quiet grief blanketed me today as I remembered.  And that’s ok. Quiet, private, intimate memories trickled into my consciousness. The beautiful legacy of love and grace that he left behind gently washed over my soul. I reveled in the exclusiveness and privacy of my grief. That may sound strange, but God brought His healing balm as I walked this quiet grief-road primarily alone.

I don’t know what loss you’ve experienced. I have no idea how far along you are in your journey of grief. Maybe it’s fresh and new and your pain is public. Maybe people are starting to forget even as your own longing ache intensifies. I pray, no matter your surroundings and circumstances along the way, you’ll take comfort in the One who always walks beside you.

Lasting Legacy“Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” -Jesus 


3 Replies to “A Quieter Grief”

  1. Patty, it’s been 11 years for me and sometimes (when least expected) grief can overwhelm me. I was so naïve! I remember thinking about someone “Isn’t it time to get over it!!??”. One does not get over it, one just learns to live life in a different way. God is good!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ellen. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 11 years! Thanking God with you that we can rest in His goodness no matter how painful the separation. ❤

  2. I know this feeling all too well. My dad’s been gone 2 years as of 2 weeks ago. I know where he is, I know he’s pain free, but you are so right – grief is us missing, not them missing us. Oh to be so loved, so big a love that we miss here for so long

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